Corporate Risk Management Services

Let us provide you with proven, experienced, professional advice in the risk management arena.  Risk Management is not simply about insurance.  Risk transfer techniques, loss prevention programs and risk financing decisions are just some of the facets of professional risk management.  Business decisions rely on sound judgment and solid information; risk management must contribute effectively.


Claims and Litigation Consultancy

Resolving claims and lawsuits requires special skill and understanding.  Collaboration among outside counsel, legal departments and insurance carriers can be a daunting challenge.   We offer a host of key services and can assist you in evaluating claims, developing resolution strategies, but most importantly we ensure clear communications among, and manage the expectations of, the decision makers.


Vendor Performance Evaluation

Third party administrators, insurance brokers and agents, RMIS System providers…the choices are endless, and they are not fungible.  Your vendors need to be reviewed, evaluated and managed.  Their costs and terms must be negotiated.    And periodically, services need to be marketed.  Let us help you.

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS: Due Diligence and Integration

Business development requires a deep understanding of risk, and how effectively to identify exposures to loss. The due diligence process is crucial to ensuring that deals are done with full knowledge of the risks inherent in the business.

It’s not enough to merge insurance programs, or track premium refunds. Understanding how deal structures alter the landscape going forward, or recognizing the distinction between indemnity approaches used in a merger agreement, is core competency in this space. The contract language will dictate how the insurance programs need to be structured.

We have developed state-of-the-art due diligence processes and techniques, proven in over fifty transactions ranging from asset purchases to public company mergers. We have discovered exposures to loss that the sellers didn’t even know they had. Alletto Risk Consulting can guide your key leaders through an effective, thorough and efficient M&A experience.